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KappCad™ Cadmium-Zinc solders are medium temperature alloys that provide strong, corrosion-resistant joints on most metals, making them an excellent choice for soldering dissimilar metals. These solders are often used in applications requiring higher temperatures and superior strength joints, especially Aluminum to Aluminum and Aluminum to Copper joints in electronics, lighting, and electrical products. NOTE: Cadmium is a health hazard and should not be used in potable water or food processing equipment. See SDS for detailed precautions and protective measures.


Increasing the Zinc content of the solder expands the workable slushy range, allowing the parts to be manipulated during cooling. Higher Zinc content also increases the strength and electrical conductivity of the solder joint. The most common of the KappCad™ alloys is 83Cd/17Zn. This material is eutectic at 509°F (265°C) and is used extensively in furnace soldering of Aluminum alloys. 83Cd/17Zn performs well on all metals except Magnesium and Titanium.



  • Joining Aluminum to Aluminum and Aluminum to Copper
  • Joining dissimilar metals
  • Joints requiring higher temperatures and superior strength
  • In electronics, lighting, and electrical products that require excellent corrosion resistance and superior strength in high vibration and high stress applications
  • Paired with Kapp Golden™ Flux for soldering below 550°F (288°C) and Kapp Lunar™ Flux for soldering above 550°F (288°C)


The following chart represents Kapp Alloy’s standard KappCad™ alloys. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the solder joint strength and characteristics. Call Kapp for engineering assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples of Kapp alloys are always available upon request.


Technical Data

Composition (%):

83Cd - 17Zn

70Cd - 30Zn

60Cd - 40Zn

Melting Range:

Eutectic @ 509°F (265°C)

509-572°F (265-300°C) 

509-600°F (265-316°C)

Tensile Strength (Copper):

24,000 psi

27,000 psi

30,000 psi

Shear Strength:

11,000 psi

12,000 psi

13,000 psi





Electrical Conductivity (%IACS):




Cd = Cadmium, Zn = Zinc



Product Variants

KappCad™ solders are available in standard forms:

  • 1/32” (0.031”) (0.8mm)
  • 1/16” (0.063”) (1.6mm)
  • 1/8” (0.125”) (3.2mm)


Custom alloys and forms are our specialty. Call a Kapp representative to discuss what size and diameter are right for you.


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