DuraKapp™ and KappaTinning™ in Rolling Mill Bearing Repair

In the rebuilding and repairing of rolling mill bearings, the first step is always to determine why the bearing surface failed. This will allow you to design a maintenance program going forward to avoid or minimize the chances of similar failure. Please review the article on “Babbitt Bearing Failure Analysis” to learn more about the causes of bearing failure and how to avoid them.


DuraKapp™ #1, #2, #3, and #4X Babbitt Bearings in Modern Rolling Mills

DuraKapp™ Tin-based Babbitt alloys #1, #2, #3, and #4X are the most common alloys for bearing linings in modern rolling mills. These Babbitt alloys offer an unsurpassed combination of compatibility, conformability, and embed ability. They easily bond to the bearing housing and will hold a lubricant film. Foreign matter not carried away by the lubrication is embedded below the surface and rendered harmless. Even under severe operating conditions, where high loads, fatigue problems, or high temperature test the limits of the Babbitt bearing, DuraKapp™ Babbitt alloys will retain their critical properties to protect vital rolling mill surfaces.

More information can be found at DuraKapp™ #1 Babbitt , DuraKapp™ #2 Babbitt , DuraKapp™ #3 Babbitt , and DuraKapp™ #4X Babbitt.


KappaTinning™ Compound for Preparing Bearing Shell Surfaces for New Babbitt


KappaTinning™ Compound is a dry mixture of pure powdered Tin and flux specifically designed for pre-tinning Cast Iron, Steel, Bronze, and Brass bearing shells. A one-pound container has about twice as much Tin and goes further than other tinning compounds currently on the market.



  • Provides a uniform strong bond between the Babbitt alloy and the bearing shell surface on Brass, Bronze, Steel, and Cast Iron
  • Paired with Kapp CopperBond™ Flux


Technical Data


Light, Silvery Gray Powder

Water Solubility:

Approximately 50%




5.0 g/cm3  (0.1794lbs/in3)



pH (in 10% aqueous solution):




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