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SDS TitleSDS Description
SDS 121 GHS R8 KappAlloy Tin Zinc
SDS 130 GHS R7 Kapp EcoBabbitt
SDS 137 GHS R7 KappZapp Tin Silver
SDS 145 GHS R7 KappAnt Tin Antimony
SDS 151 GHS R5 KappCad Tin Cadmium
SDS 170 GHS R6 509 Cadmium Zinc
SDS 177 GHS R8 KappTec Cadmium Silver
SDS 200 GHS R7 KappLead Tin Lead
SDS 222 GHS R9 GalvRepair Tin Zinc Lead
SDS 226 GHS R6 KappRad Tin Zinc Cadmium
SDS 230 GHS R6 KappTecZ Cadmium Zinc Silver
SDS 272 GHS R7 KappFree Tin Copper Silver
SDS 298 GHS R6 KappCu Tin Copper
SDS 300 GHS R7 Galvanite Tin Zinc Copper
SDS 300A GHS R7 KappAutoBody
SDS 417 GHS R7 KappEE Rosin Core
SDS 425 GHS R7 KappZappR Rosin Core
SDS 474 GHS R3 KappFreeA Acid Core
SDS 475 GHS R10 KappZappA Acid Core
SDS 500 GHS R6 Tin-Based Babbitts
SDS 504 GHS R6 DuraKapp 4X Babbitt
SDS 513 GHS R3 Lead-Based Babbitts
SDS 550 GHS R9 Comet Flux
SDS 551 GHS R12 Liquid Golden FLux
SDS 552 GHS R5 Golden Flux Paste Flux
SDS 553 GHS R9 CopperBond Flux
SDS 554 GHS R4 KappZipp Paste Flux
SDS 556 GHS R7 Lunar Flux Paste
SDS 559 GHS R5 KappaTinning Compound
SDS 560 GHS R3 HotDam Damming Compound
SDS 900 GHS R7 Alumite

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