Our Success is Built on Your Success

We are an American, veteran-led manufacturer specializing in high-purity solder, Babbitt, spray wire, and fluxes in the temperature range of 150°F to 800°F (65°C to 427°C). We produce more than 200 alloys and forms – from 250 lb. payout paks of Tin-Zinc spray wire to 1 lb. Babbitt bars.

Current customers include General Electric, Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE), and Apollo Microwave. Other industries we serve include electronics, automotive, plumbing, air and gas compressors, renewable energy, and more. If you have a new process or need a custom alloy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always up for a challenge.

Where We Come From

Kapp Alloy & Wire was founded by Mr. Donald Black in 1945, to sell his first invention - Alumite™ - a strong solder still used today for casted alloy repairs. During the 1960s and 1970s, our solder was part of every microwave and telephone made in the USA. Kapp Alloy solder even went to the moon and back in instrumentation aboard the US Apollo missions!