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Fluxes for Soldering to Aluminum


Kapp Golden™ Flux: 350-550°F (177-288°C)



Kapp Golden™ Flux has been designed specifically for KappAloy9™ and KappAloy15™ low temperature soldering of Aluminum to Aluminum, Copper, and Stainless Steel. It is available in both LIQUID and PASTE formulas.


LIQUID Golden™ Flux flows well and penetrates tight joints and stranded wire very well. It is a golden colored, Chloride-free, organic-based flux containing 56-60% active ingredients consisting of amines and complex inorganic fluorides.


PASTE Golden™ Flux is designed to stay where you put it. It is designed for use on Aluminum to Aluminum or Aluminum to Copper sheets and tabs where fluxing action is over a limited area. Conversely, it does not flow as well into tight joints as the LIQUID Golden™ Flux formulation. It is a golden colored, Chloride-Free, organic-based paste containing 56-60% active ingredients.


*Please Note: Flux is rated by D.O.T. As A Corrosive Hazard - Can Not Be Shipped By Air



Kapp Lunar™ Flux: 550-800°F (288-427°C)



Kapp Lunar™ Flux is a white paste for Alumite™ high temperature soldering of Aluminum and Zinc Diecast alloys. It is a reaction-type flux with 70% active ingredients dispersed in alcohol. The paste stays where it is applied to simplify the soldering process.


*Please Note: Flux is rated by D.O.T. As A Corrosive Hazard - Can Not Be Shipped By Air


See Safety Data Sheet for more safety information.


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