Pointed Soldering Copper - 1 lb
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Soldering coppers are typically heated with natural gas, propane, or a cast iron furnace to apply heat to melt solder. Add our optional 5” wooden handle for a comfortable grip that is reusable and compatible with all our soldering coppers. More details below.



Genuine drop forged soldering coppers hold their heat longer than imitations and composites. Heat-proof reusable wooden handles not included, but can be added. Available in chisel or pointed tip and three weights to fit your project’s needs (1lb, 2lb, or 3lb). Pick the right soldering copper for your project using the guide below: 

Smaller Weight

Larger Weight

Pointed End

Chiseled End

More control, works in a variety of joint sizes, easier to maneuver

Bigger surface area joints, more heat, harder to maneuver

Smaller areas, butt joints, folded corners

Larger surface areas, lap joints



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