Kapp GalvRepair™ - Tin-Zinc-Lead General Purpose Solders

Economical solders for repairing & joining most metals including Aluminum and cast Iron. These solders have been the standard for cast Iron and galvanized surface repair for over 60 years.

Benefits and Uses

As a General Repair Solder

Low application temperatures prevent loss of properties and minimize distortion. Excellent for use in production processes joining large surface areas of Aluminum. Also used to build up, fill, or seal cast Iron, malleable Iron, Copper, Steel and Nickel alloys. This solder can also be used in the repair of Kirksite and galvanized surfaces, as well as for sealing: water jackets, compressor housings, gear boxes, liners, cast iron radiators, and for tinning surfaces. These solders will withstand hydraulic pressure up to 900 psi.

As a Galvanizing Repair Solder

GalvRepair™ The Structural Steel Industry Standard for Galvanizing Repair for Almost 60 Years

GalvRepair™ solder is the leading formulation designed specifically for high quality repairs to galvanized Steel surfaces. GalvRepair™ is simple, effective and easy to use in both manufacturing and field applications. Just like the original galvanizing, GalvRepair™ metallurgically bonds to the Steel for a seamless, protective barrier.

GalvRepair™ exceeds performance standards as specified by ASTM standard A780-92 for repair of galvanized coatings.

GalvRepair™ has been designed to accomplish three important objectives

  1. Provide excellent cathodic and barrier protection, far superior to Zinc paints and alternative barrier coatings
  2. Allow easy application at low temperatures with any heat source
  3. Provide a cost effective repair for galvanized coating defects

GalvRepair™ has a broad slushy range of 450F to 600F (232C to 315C). When heated, the slurry can be shaped and spread easily to blend seamlessly with the existing galvanized coating. The slurry can be built to a substantial thickness, even on vertical surfaces.

As A Repair Rod for Hot Dip Galvanizers

Small defects in the surface of freshly galvanized Steel can be easily repaired with GalvRepair™. Typically, residual heat is sufficient to melt and apply GalvRepair™. The high Zinc content provides excellent cathodic protection and the repair blends and bonds with the original galvanizing.

As A Repair Rod for Fabricators and Welders

In the shop and field, galvanized surfaces are often damaged by cuts and welds. Due to its moldable nature, GalvRepair™ can be applied to a substantial thickness in almost any orientation. The solder penetrates deep into cracks and imperfections to provide a seamless protective barrier.

Please Note: GalvRepair™ contains 50% Lead. For galvanizing repairs requiring a Lead-Free alloy, please see the information for Kapp Galvanite™.

The following chart represents our standard Tin-Zinc-Lead alloys. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the end result of any joining operation. Call Kapp for engineering assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples of Kapp's alloys are always available upon request.

Composition Temperature
Sn Zn Pb Cd Ag Cu Sb RFQ Wire Ribbon 1/4" x14" 1/8" x18" Handy Vials
30 20 50         177-288 350-550 222 X   X X X
33 4 63         177-288 350-460 218 X   X X  
32 28 40         230-275 446-527 219 X   X X  
Sn=Tin, Zn=Zinc, Pb=Lead, Cd=Cadmium, Ag=Silver, Cu=Copper, Sb=Antimony

All Kapp Aluminum solders are available in bar or wire form. Custom alloys and forms are our specialty.


  • Standard - 14" by 1/4" square rod, and 18" by 1/8" round rod.
  • Also available in continuous wire diameters from .062" (1/16" and 1.5mm) to .187" (3/16" and 4.75mm).
  • Spool sizes: 1 lb., 5 lbs., and 25 lbs.


  • RegBar nominal 1 lb. each -Molds are 13.5" L x 0.75" W x 0.5" D with oval ends.
  • 2 Lb. Bar - 2+ lbs. each - Molds are 10.5" L x 1" D, 1.5" W tapering to 1".
  • Notch Bar - 6+ lbs. each - Molds are 11" L x 2.25" W x 1.25" D with 4 notches, 5 sections per bar.