KappTecZ™ - High Temperature Solder for Dissimilar Metals

KappTecZ™ is a high temperature, high strength solder that may be used on most metals, but works extremely well on Aluminum, Copper and Stainless Steel. It has a high tolerance to vibration and stress, and good elongation for use on dissimilar metals. Above its liquidus of 600°F, this solder is extremely fluid and will penetrate the closest joints. It is used with a flux appropriate for the base metal, and its performance in application is similar to the more expensive Silver brazing alloys. The joints have good corrosion resistance, high electrical properties, and high shear and tensile strengths.

ALLOY: 78Cd/17Zn/5Ag
COMPOSITION: 78% Cadmium, 17% Zinc, 5% Silver

Benefits and Uses

This general purpose Silver alloy solder is used for ferrous and non-ferrous joining where high strength is required at a comparatively low temperature. KappTecZ™ will solder all solderable metals including Aluminum, as well as Aluminum to Copper. It is often used to join Stainless Steel to Copper and Aluminum.

This alloy is NOT recommended for food or potable water applications. Please see KappFree™ and/or KappZapp™ and/or KappAloy™ for Food Safe and Potable Water Applications.

Recommended Flux

The following chart contains typical physical properties for KappTecZ™ solder joints. *Strength values are for an average joint on Copper-to-Copper, and are general guidelines when selecting solder for a particular application. Strength and ductility characteristics vary greatly with changes in soldering techniques and base metal alloys. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the end result. Call Kapp Engineering Assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples of Kapp alloys are always available upon request.

Physical Properties & Technical Data
Composition 78% Cd, 17% Zn, 5% Ag
Liquidus 600°F / 316°C
Solidus 480°F / 249°C
Electrical Conductivity 20.6 (% IACS)
Shear Strength (copper) 12,000 psi @ 72°F
Shear Strength (1020 steel) 13,000 psi @ 72°F
Tensile Strength Up to 25,000 psi
Specific Gravity 8.55
Electrical Resistivity 8.4

*Note: Shear strengths based on double lap joints, Tensile strengths depend on base metals, soldering methods and type of joint.