KappTec™ - Cadmium-Silver Solder for Most Metals

KappTec™ is a high temperature, high strength solder. It is used in applications where alloys melting higher than soft solders are required, but the cost and strength of Silver-brazing alloys is not necessary.

Benefits and Uses

This is a general purpose solder that will join all solderable metals except Aluminum. It is highly recommended for Stainless Steel and Copper soldering. This alloy is outstanding in high-vibration and high-stress situations. Its high electrical conductivity verses other solders makes it an excellent choice for electrical applications.

This alloy is NOT recommended for food or potable water applications. Please see KappFree™ and/or KappZapp™ for Food Safe and Potable Water Applications.

Above its solidus of 640°F (338°C), this solder is extremely fluid and will penetrate the closest joints. It is used with Kapp Copper Bond Flux™, and its performance in application is similar to the more expensive Silver brazing alloys. The joints have good corrosion resistance, high electrical properties, and high shear and tensile strengths.

The following chart represents the physical properties of KappTec™ Cadmium-Silver solder. Many factors, such as materials, temperature, and method of application determine the solder joint strength and characteristics. Call Kapp for engineering assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples of Kapp alloys are always available upon request.

Physical Properties & Technical Data
Composition 95%Cd - 5%Ag
Liquidus 740°F - 393°C
Solidus 640°F - 338°C
Density 4.65lbs./cu. in.
Electrical Conductivity 22 (% IACS)
Shear Strength (copper) 11,000 psi @ 72°F
Shear Strength (1020 steel) 12,000 psi @ 72°F
Tensile Strength Up to 25,000 psi
Specific Gravity 8.82
Electrical Resistivity 7.9