Quality Assurance

Raw Materials

For over 60 years we have used only high purity virgin metals and Kapp's proprietary Precision Microcasting™ technology to provide the highest quality solder and fluxes to our customers worldwide. All raw materials are purchased from proven vendors and can be traced by chemical analyses throughout our processes. This chart is a list of raw metals used along with their purity requirements:

Conflict Minerals

Kapp Alloy & Wire, Inc. ("KAPP") has taken the following steps toward determining the sources of 3TG within the supply chains of all its products: KAPP has in place a Global Procurement Policy internally distributed to all procurement members. This policy contains provision of verifying the origin/source information of materials to confirm that they are not obtained through illegal mining. Please Click Here to download a PDF of Kapp Alloy's Conflict Minerals Statement.

Kapp Alloy Raw Metals' Requirements

Metal Assay Requirement (%)
High Purity Tin (Sn) 99.99+ (Special Order Hi-Pure Tin)
Tin (Sn) 99.94+ (Special High Grade)
Silver (Ag) 99.95+
Lead (Pb) 99.99+
Antimony (Sb) 99.65+
Zinc (Zn) 99.99+ (Special High Grade)
Copper (Cu) 99.99+
Bismuth (Bi) 99.99+
Cadmium (Cd) 99.95+