KappRad™ - THE Radiator Repair Solder

KappRad™ has been developed specifically to join and repair Aluminum and Aluminum/Copper radiators and heat exchangers. A lower melting point makes delicate repair work easier. Matching KAPP Golden Flux™ acts as a temperature guide to ensure simple application and successful bonding.

Benefits and Uses

KappRad™ can use any heat source - oxy-acetylene, natural gas or propane torch, heat gun, or soldering iron. It can be used on Aluminum, Stainless Steel, white metal, Pewter, Copper, Brass, and galvanized Steel. In addition, it can be plated with Chrome, Nickel, or Copper

The following chart represents the physical properties of our KappRad™ repair solder. If you are unsure whether this product will work for your particular repair, donít hesitate to call Kapp for engineering assistance to discuss your specific needs. We recommend testing appropriate alloys in your specific application to ensure suitability. Samples are always available upon request.

KappRad™ Soldering Instructions

Physical Properties & Technical Data
Composition 40%Sn - 27%Zn - 33%Cd
Liquidus 500°F - 260°C
Solidus 350°F - 176°C
Density 7.643lbs./cu. in.
Electrical Conductivity 23 (% IACS @ 68°F)
Shear Strength (copper) 11,000 psi @ 72°F
Tensile Strength Up to 20,000 psi

*Note: Shear strengths based on double lap joints, Tensile strengths depend on base metals, soldering methods and type of joint.