KappaTinning™ Compound

KappaTinning™ Compound is a dry mixture of pure powdered Tin and flux specifically designed for pre-tinning cast Iron, Steel, Bronze and Copper bearing shells. A one pound container of KappaTinning™ Compound contains about twice as much Tin and goes further than other tinning compounds currently on the market.

Benefits and Uses

Pre-clean and degrease the bearing surface prior to tinning. Particular attention should be given to cast Iron bearings to remove silica surface skins, graphite and other residues that may impair adhesion. Pre-heat the bearing shell to approximately 500F-550F (excessive heat may cause flux charring and premature Tin oxidation). Sprinkle KappaTinning™ Compound on the bearing surface and vigorously wipe with a Stainless Steel wire brush or steel wool to yield a smooth, well-tinned surface to which Babbitt will readily bonds. Flux residues are completely water-soluble and should be washed off promptly prior to babbitting.

Physical Properties & Technical Data
Appearance Light, silvery gray powder
Water Solubility Approximately 50%
Odor None
Density 5.0 g/cm and/or .1794lbs/in3
% Volatile 0%
pH (in 10% aqueous solution) 1.5

KappaTinning™ Compound is available in 1 lb. plastic jars and 12 lb. plastic tubs (4 per case). Keep container lid tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat. Shelf life of this product is 1 years if container is unopened.

While KappaTinning™ Compound is not considered toxic, its use in typical heating processes will generate a small amount of decomposition and reaction vapors. These vapors should be adequately exhausted during heating. Consult MSDS for additional safety information.

KappaTinning Compound MSDS